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Arborist Services

Agtree Arborist Services is a professional tree work company servicing Sydney and the Central Coast of NSW.

We are qualified and fully insured and able to provide written quotes and verbal advice.

From light pruning to large tree removals requiring cranes; we have had many years experience and can complete your job from start to finish with chipping, stump grinding and a thorough clean up.

Agtree Services provide the following services


Tree pruning is carried out for several reasons; some of the main reasons include:

Shape – helping a tree regain or maintain optimum habit for aesthetic appeal.

Health – removing diseased or damaged branches.

Safety – removing branches that touch or overhang fences, houses, electrical wires etc. Repairing damage caused by previous ‘bad’ pruning or lopping.

agtree services tree cutting

Note branch on lower left – bad pruning or ‘lopping’ can spoil an otherwise beautiful specimen tree

Crown lifting – removing low branches to improve clearance for traffic or pedestrians.

It is important that pruning is carried out correctly as incorrect techniques cause stress to the tree and increase the likelihood of the tree becoming dangerous in the future.

Some pruning requires Council approval – please read your council’s TPO for more information or contact us for advice.

Dead Wooding

Dead and dying branches can be removing to improve the safety and appearance of your tree/s. This is better done sooner rather than later as the wood becomes brittle as it dries out after dying and more susceptible to breaking or dropping.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is carried out for several reasons; some of the main reasons include:

Dead or dying trees – as for dead branches, the removal of dying trees is better done sooner rather than later for the sake of safety.

Proximity to homes or other structures – sometimes a tree is just the wrong species in the wrong place and may damage walls, paving or other structures.

Council Tree Preservation Order (TPO) regulations define which trees require approval to be removed. Links to most TPO’s can be found on our ‘Links’ page. Fines apply for failing to comply with these regulations so please contact us or your local council for more advice.

agtree services tree cutting

Large tree removal in progress

Stump Grinding

Tree stumps are difficult to remove manually and often require grinding with a specialised machine. You may wish to have the stump removed if it is an obvious position (the middle of your lawn) or is obstructing building work, garden beds or replacement tree planting for example; if the stump is amongst shrubbery and less obvious you may choose to leave it to rot away naturally over time.

Palm Maintenance

Palms are striking landscape feature plants, but can easily become messy and unattractive when dead fronds are allowed to accumulate. We are able to de-frond and de-fruit palm trees and recommend this be done on an approximately annual basis.

agtree services tree cutting

Fruit and dead frond ready for removal

Hedge Trimming

Hedges provide boundaries, privacy, shade and other functions. Informal hedges and formal hedges both require maintenance to look their best.

We have expereince in trimming all types of hedges, large and small, on both private and commercial properties. Please contact to discuss how we can keep your hedge looking and growing at its’ best.